Automated accounting / Abacus

With the Internet solutions from Abacus, tailor-made IT solutions are possible that offer design flexibility and enable you to work comfortably and from anywhere. The software is always up to date and you do not have to worry about data backup.

Abacus business software from the cloud: Instead of working on your own server, you work on an outsources central computer infrastructure and use your own secure Abacus installation via the Internet.

In order to offer you a secure, professional environment, we work together with a hosting company that is based in Switzerland and whose high-security computers are in Switzerland due to the higher data security. The certified hoster ensures guaranteed internet access to the cloud, including comprehensive protection by a firewall system, and ensures the maintenance and the systematic, mirrored data backup. Comprehensive server management includes installation, support, maintenance and monitoring of the IT infrastructure.


All you need for the AbaWeb accounting software is an Internet access and an access. The cooperation between you and us is thereby facilitated and optimised. Together, the necessary work is done, and documents created no matter where you are.

The access via https ensure data security. Updates are created continuously without worrying about it.

The software is no longer purchased, and you do not need a server by your own. You and we work in the same modern IT environment, always up to date.

AbaNinja /

Automated invoice and payment flow with the help of AbaNinja. The free online accounting software from Abacus is specially developed for small businesses, start-ups and the self-employed.

Thanks to its simple handling, you do not need any special knowledge of accounting. Involve us as for additional work. We make the remaining bookings for accounting for you and prepare the annual financial accounts.


Fast and easy time recording, efficient and smooth.


Would you like to save time and money when recording expenses? We would be happy to show you the possibilities of AbaCliK.


The Management Information System (MIS) opens up a new dimension in automated information processing from Abacus Business Software.